High pressure water blasting swimming pools

Here at A1 Ultra High we are moving ahead with new technology concerning the removal of pool coatings from domestic swimming pools. The new technology we have employed is the use of Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting to remove pool coatings such as epoxy and fibreglass from concrete pools. In the past there was only a couple of ways to remove these coatings. Epoxy's were removed by way of sand blasting. Fibreglass was removed by grinding the glass away. The down fall with these methods were, they both produced great amounts of airborne dust particles that could lead to health problems. The benefits of using water over these other methods is obvious, no airborne dust particles to damage the environment or the health of near by neighbours.

To continue with the environmental problems with sandblasting airborne dust particles is only part of the problem, for this procedure to work they generate large quantities of spent abrasives like copper slag, crushed glass and other types of abrasives used in this industry. This all ends up in landfill you would hope, which is another problem in itself.

To put a stop to this environmentally damaging process, we here at A1 Ultra High have adopted a much more environmentally friendly procedure, by putting the environment ahead of profit and cost and have implemented a true recyclable resource to complete the water cycle through the sewage infrastructure system.